Our Pastor

Pastor Joe Major

A truly dedicated man of God; Pastor Joe Major grew up in a Christian home with his father, mother and fourbrothers.  His father was a minister and preacher.  Due to his parental influences Pastor Major was saved at the young age of 5 years old.  Growing up Pastor Major has lived all over the eastern side of the United States but he now has set up home in Southeastern Louisiana with his wife and 4 beautiful children where they are  zealous and obedient in their service to God.  Pastor Major attended Landmark Baptist College. After college he remained on staff for a year at the Landmark Baptist Church before moving to the New Orleans area. He then worked as an assistant Pastor at Calvary Baptist Church for 3 years before becoming the Pastor of Faith Baptist Church. Pastor Major has started a satellite church in Baton Rouge, Louisiana where he also Pastors and preaches at weekly.  In the last several years Pastor Major has been invited to and preached at several NIFB conferences and has participated in multiple soul-winning marathons as well as global missions trips.  A true blessing to our church and a godly leader that has done so much for the cause of Christ; we all here at Faith Baptist are grateful to God for Pastor Major and look forward to our future and the things God has planned for this church.