Brother Patrick Fitzgerald


Personal Biography

Patrick attended church with his family since he was a little boy and even sat under his dad's teaching in his Sunday School class.  Brother Patrick was saved under the ministry of Pastor Preston Cochran, at Washington Missionary Baptist Church of Neely, MS.  It was on a Sunday Morning at the age of eleven years old (year 1979) after the Lord had been working on his heart that he needed to be saved.  Patrick went to the alter and accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and was baptized soon after that.

As Patrick got older he strayed from the Lord for a time. He was a young adult working on a river boat when the Lord finally got Patrick's attention. He was going down into a hatch when the boat started hitting choppy waves. The hatch cover on that particular hatch did not have a lock on it and as they hit the choppy waves the hatch cover came down on top of Patrick's head. Patrick put his hand up to protect his head, but as he did the hatch came down on top of his right hand. The hatch cover severed three of his finger tips. Patrick had to be life flighted to the hospital where he was treated. Thankfully, they were able to save his finger tips, but it was a long road to recovery. While Patrick was not able to work it was at this time that the Lord got a hold of Patrick once again. Patrick knew he had to get into a good church somewhere. He looked for sometime and visited many churches on the coast but finally settled on Faith Baptist Church in Gulfport, Mississippi.

It was at Faith Baptist Church of Gulfport that Patrick met his wife, Mandy, and they got married May 18th, 2002.  Patrick and Mandy served 14 years in various ministries such as Sunday School, Children's Church, tent ministry, and prison ministry.  Patrick and Mandy always had a desire to do more for the Lord than just sit on the pew. In 2014 Patrick and Mandy surrendered as missionaries to the prison ministry with Rock of Ages.  While on deputation they traveled all over the southern half of the United States.  Patrick would often listen to preaching on YouTube and came across the Revelation Series by Pastor Steven Anderson.  After studying very diligently and comparing scriptures with scriptures he found that what Pastor Anderson was preaching was truth!  It weighed heavy on Patrick's heart because he knew that it was true, but what he was hearing at church was different.

On their deputation travels they met Pastor Joe Major. Instantly, Patrick knew that Pastor Major was like minded with Pastor Anderson. During this time Rock of Ages had a national conference where they informed all the missionaries that if they did not believe the sames as the list of beliefs on the document that they handed out then they were no longer welcome as missionaries with their board. One of the very first things listed was the pre-tribulation rapture.  It was apparent to Patrick that they could no longer serve with Rock of Ages.  As short time later Patrick met with Pastor Major and got his advice.

After this meeting, Patrick and Mandy decided to move their membership to Faith Baptist Church of Violet, Louisiana. Having a servants heart, Patrick wanted to do whatever Pastor Major needed.  It was only a short time later that Pastor Major decided to start a church plant in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Pastor Major asked Patrick to preach there in Baton Rouge on Sunday mornings and Pastor Major would preach on Thursday nights.